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Howdy!You have stumbled upon a great opportunity to promote your music! Radio Rebel is one of the best independent music sites online, yielding the coolest, and most impressive independent music catalog in the world. Holding no music bias, we specialize in providing access to the widest range of unsigned that one can find.

When you submit your music to Radio Rebel:

The Radio Rebel broadcast is a multi-genre, commercial free online radio station that is exclusive to independent music sold on the Radio Rebel free to sell marketplace.

Q. I am an artist, how do I get involved?
A. Easy! Simply log in or register and fill out the form below and provide the requested information.

Q. How does this benefit me as an artist?
A. It benefits you a whole lot! Our radio broadcast is not only a great place to listen to the best independent on Radio Rebel. It's a promotional platform for artists and bands to be heard by our audience.

Q. Does Radio Rebel make money off of this?
A. Nope. The Radio Rebel broadcast is free to listen to and has zero commercials. Pure, sweet, sweet music.

Q. Do I need a band page on Radio Rebel in order to be approved?
A. Yes, we require you to have a band page on Radio Rebel. The reason being, if someone in our audience likes your music, they will be able to easily learn more about your act.

Q. Do I get paid royalties for streaming on Radio Rebel?
A. We offer all streaming free of charge for artists to promote themselves and we do not make a profit from it. So we do not currently pay out roayalties.

If you have any further questions or concerns, please email our CEO Stan Price directly and he will be happy to help you.

Submission Requirements:

Submissions that do not comply with the above requirements will be rejected.

What is the name of your act?
Please provide your full legal name.
I certify that I am the rights holder for this music, or that I have the express permission of the rights holder to submit this music to the Radio Rebel radio station (Radio Rebel LLC) for radio broadcast.
I understand that the music I am submitting may be broadcast on (Radio Rebel LLC) radio station as determined by Radio Rebel TV (Radio Rebel LLC), according to our Terms of Use..
I understand that participation in the Radio Rebel radio broadcast is at will and can be terminated at any time by written request from the music rights holder to (Please allow 48 business hours)

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